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Signs & Synchronicity Book

Signs & Synchronicity is now available! A heart warming book that offers guidance on how to interpret the signs or "whispers" life presents on a day-to-day basis. The stories and lessons will inspire you to make wise, life-altering choices by learning to tune-in and decipher the magical language of "soul-speak".


Step into the bigger picture of who you are and what is possible with Tricia as
your guide and coach.  She presents a step-by-step, intuitive approach to connecting
more deeply with your soul to live an inspired life.  

Girl with Headphones
The Map of the Soul Book
Dandelions with Water Droplets

Looking Beyond the Mirror

The Map of the Soul

Guided Meditations

Tricia gives the insider's view of what goes on beneath the facade of a select group of people who have risen above mediocrity to create extraordinary lives.  Each of the twelve real-life stories offers a recipe for self-love

and overcoming self-doubt.

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for a limited time only

Whether you want to discover your soul's purpose, determine and remove the obstacles that hold you back in life, or experience more love, joy and freedom; The 12 level course outlined in the book presents a step-by-step approach to rising above limitation to live an inspired life. 

Read more information about the book or buy yourself a copy

Finding it hard to still your mind and be at peace?Coping with today's lifestyle can leave you feeling anxious, uninspired, overwhelmed and burnt out.  The remedy is to stop, breathe and relax - to retreat into an inner sanctuary and presence more of your soul.  

Join Tricia on Insight Timer and

enjoy her free meditations


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Inspired Life
Water Lily


A Session with Tricia offers you a rare opportunity to gain deep and profound insight into the journey of your soul - far beyond what you might imagine.  As a gifted intuitive, she highlights your strengths and challenges and helps you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your calling and purpose.



Experience being a part of a live workshop

with Tricia as she helps you uncover the

power and beauty of your soul.  Tricia weaves her

magic through story telling and the sharing

of wisdom, which will help you get in touch

with your authentic self to live your life with passion and purpose.



This a unique opportunity to retreat from everyday life to commune with your soul.  The retreats with Tricia provide a nurturing environment for you to still your mind and replenish your spirit.  During the weekend, you will be encouraged to follow the call of your heart and connect with your intuition.

Fleur Brown

“Tricia is a visionary, in every sense.  Her intuitive work, writing and coaching is outstanding and I have had the privilege of working with her for many years.  Her insights and wisdom have helped me reach for the highest possible outcomes in life, love and work. If you have the opportunity to work with Tricia, grasp it with both hands. It will be positively transformative.”

Fleur : Entrepreneur, Sydney


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