The key to love rests in your heart and the formula for success lies in your mind.

Signs & Synchronicity -

The Magic Of Soul Speak

Have you ever stood at the crossroads and asked to be given a sign on which direction to take?

Do you ever question when it’s time to move on or stay in a job or a relationship? 

Have you ever noticed a peculiar series of random events that you simply can’t ignore? 


None of us are born with a map or a guidebook to help us choose which path to follow in life. Logic and reason will take us only so far when it comes to making decisions that satisfy our heart. Despite how lost, alone or confused we may feel at times, we are all individually guided by life’s little whispers on a day-to-day basis. Signs and messages are all around us to help us discern the best solution or course of action to take. The challenge is learning to read those signs and trust our intuitive senses. 


Signs & Synchronicity is a heart-warming book that offers guidance on how to interpret and read the signs life presents when we are willing to stop, look and listen. Drawing on 30 years of experience as an intuitive counselor, international author Tricia Brennan shares a selection of true stories about overcoming fear and limitation and living a life inspired by love, wisdom, and purpose. 


Compelling and poignantly written, each chapter conveys a relatable message about the struggle we experience when we are torn between our head and our heart. Filled with tips, tools, and daily practices, Signs & Synchronicity teaches us how to transform confusion into clarity, procrastination into purpose and fear into faith. The stories and lessons guide us to make wise, life-altering choices by learning to tune-in and decipher the language of “soul-speak.” 


Signs and Synchronicity is a bold reminder of how important it is to be true to ourselves.

Available as a paperback, eBook or book

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The Map of the Soul - Discovering Your True Purpose

Is your life merely a series of random events?

Do unseen forces influence the course of our fate?

Can you trust your intuition?

The book provides answers to these & many other questions including the most important question – does your life have a higher purpose?


The Map of the Soul will help you move beyond the small story of your life and step into the bigger picture of who you are and what is possible.


As you progress through the 12 Levels of Discovery, you will complete a series of exercises, which will reveal specific insights. Keeping a log of those Key Coordinates will lay the foundation for Discovering Your True Purpose. They will steer you towards the pinnacle point on the Map of your Soul, aligning you with your ultimate destiny.

Along the way, you will define the components of your Dark Matrix, pinpointing the blockages that hold your limiting patterns and reoccurring experiences in place. By surmounting those obstacles, you claim more of your personal power and become more of your True Self. 

Available as a paperback, eBook or audio book

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"How do we shift our lives "from mediocre to magical?"  Uncover a practical plan to lead us toward our true purpose in life? Discover once again the great depths of meaning in which we used to dwell?  Tricia Brennan's practical book will show you how."   


Berkelouw Books - Sydney

Looking Beyond the Mirror - 12 Steps to Overcoming Self-Doubt

How many of us have gone to great lengths to change our appearance, to attract our 'deal partner' or to achieve the social recognition we crave - only to find we're left feeling empty and incomplete?

How many of us are conscious of a yawning gulf between the image we project to the world and the way we see ourselves inside?How many of us give in to the incessant voice self-doubt - abandoning our true dreams in an impossible quest to 'prove' our self-worth?

In Looking Beyond the Mirror, Tricia gives an insider's view of what goes on beneath the facade of a select group of people who have risen above mediocrity to create extraordinary lives.  Each of the 12 real-life tales conveys a message on the pitfalls of addictive behaviour, and offers a remedy for self-doubt to help the reader discover their own strengths and weaknesses.  The end result is an inspirational listen that will help you to attain a state of power and balance in your life.

Available as a paperback, eBook or audio book

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