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Small steps to lead to great accomplishments when we overcome self-doubt
and acknowledge our true worth.  As individuals we determine our own
value and then our world reflects our belief.

Soul Sessions

A Soul Session with Tricia offers you a rare opportunity to gain deep profound insight into the journey of your Soul - far beyond what you might imagine.  As a gifted intuitive she highlights your strengths and challenges and helps you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of who you inherently are and underscores what is possible in your life.


During this process, Tricia will quickly and accurately uncover your repetitive patterns and fundamentals beliefs, which reveal your life's lessons and Soul's purpose.  This will help you understand why things happen in your life and why you attract certain people and situations into your world.


You will be encouraged to record the vast amount of information you receive in your session and process the information in a reflective state.  This will help you make the most out of the information you are given and potentially use it during follow-up coaching.

In-depth intuitive Life Review - 90 Minutes

Visioning Session - 60 Minutes

Follow-up insight & progress report - 30 minutes

Session by appointment in person or via Phone or Zoom

Tricia Brennan, Author

Coaching Sessions

With over 30 years of experience, working with Tricia as your coach offers you a fast track method of stepping into your true potential. Backed by her sharp intuitive skills, Tricia is able to swiftly uncover your core issues and help you move forward with clarity and purpose. As a gifted visionary, she can offer you a bigger of who you are and what is possible, while guiding you towards optimum futures. Tailoring the sessions to your individual needs, she will provide you with insight, inspiration and practical tools to help you overcome obstacles and implement positive change. 



You will be given the means to: 

Develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses

Align with your soul’s purpose

Follow your soul’s calling 

Embrace your gifts and talents

Develop your level of confidence and self-worth
Awaken more of your passion and vitality

Create a luminous dream
Foster more rewarding relationships


Individual one-hour personal or business coaching

Desk, Mobile Phone


"The coaching program was an amazing and life changing experience. I now appreciate the value of self-love and worth, which has significantly increased my confidence and optimism. My heartfelt thanks to Tricia for sharing her wisdom and insightfulness."   


A Jones: HR Professional - Melbourne, AU


Small steps to lead to great accomplishments when we overcome self-doubt
and acknowledge our true worth.  As individuals we determine our own
value and then our world reflects our belief.

Living with Passion and Purpose

If your primary focus is to create a life inspired by passion and purpose, this is the ideal option. The coaching package includes a one-hour intuitive orientation session followed by four one-hour practical coaching sessions. Set your own pace, working over the duration of two to four months. You will be provided with an interactive online journal that Tricia monitors as you progress through the process. 

During your initial session, Tricia will intuitively sense where you are in your life and assess your strengths and challenges. She will pinpoint your core issues and offer guidance on how best to move forward. Each follow-up session will be tailored to support you through the transformation process and help you complete a series of simple exercises with Tricia’s guidance. Her aim is to offer you support, encouragement and insight as she steers you towards true north – the path of love, joy and freedom. 

Sessions by appointment in person or via Phone or Zoom

The Map of the Soul  12 Level Course

Navigating your way through the 12 level course outlined in the book, The Map of the Soul - Discovering Your True Purpose, will help you let go of the past and align with optimum futures. The exercises and meditations support your progress as you move beyond the small story of your life and step into the bigger picture of who you are and what is possible.

Completing the course with Tricia as your personal coach, assures you of optimum results. She will help you overcome obstacles, obtain greater insights and offer you support to stay on track. 

The package includes 14 private one-hour sessions via Skype or phone over the duration of six to twelve months – you set your own pace. You will be given access to an interactive online workbook that Tricia monitors as you progress through each level of the course. During each session, you will discuss your dreams, insights, challenges and breakthroughs as you complete the exercises and meditations. Tricia’s aim is to steer you towards your Optimal Futures as you embrace more of your True Self.


Each of the 12 Levels of Self-Discovery will steer you towards the pinnacle point on the Map of Your Soul, aligning you with your ultimate destiny.


The package includes:

An Orientation

Level 1   

Level 2.  

Level 3.  

Level 4. 

Level 5.  

Level 6. 

Level 7.   

Level 8.  

Level 9.  

Level 10.  

Level 11.  

Level 12. 

Silencing the Ego’s Prattle – Negative Self-Talk 

Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Love – Self-Image

Deciphering the Dark Matrix - Core Beliefs

Harnessing the Power of Resonance - Core Emotions

Uncovering your Silent Contracts - Negative Scripts

Retrieving the Depths of Soul and Spirit - Shadow

Claiming Autonomy and Freedom - Life Lessons

Following True North - Authentic Self

The Dance of Soul and Spirit - Masculine & Feminine Energies

Dreaming and Visioning - The Light Matrix

Creating Magic and Miracles - Optimum Future Self

Discovering your True Destiny - Soul's Purpose


If you need further information or suggestions on which option would best suit you, contact Tricia.

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