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Logic and reason will take you only so far

when it comes to making wise decisions. 

Heartfelt choices arise from listening to your Soul's whispers.


Have you ever stood at a crossroads in life and asked to be given a sign on which direction to take?


Do you ever question when it’s time to move on or stay in a job or a relationship?


Have you ever noticed a peculiar series of random events that you can’t ignore? 

Signs and messages are all around you to help you discern the best solution or course of action to take. The challenge is learning to read those signs and trust your intuitive senses.

Signs & Synchronicity is a heart-warming book that offers guidance on how to interpret and read the signs life presents when we are willing to stop, look and listen.


Drawing on 30 years of experience as an intuitive counselor, international author Tricia Brennan shares a selection of true stories about overcoming fear and limitation and living a life inspired by love, wisdom, and purpose.


Compelling and poignantly written, each chapter conveys a relatable message about the struggle we all experience when we are torn between our head and our heart.


Filled with tips, tools, and daily practices, Signs & Synchronicity teaches you how to transform confusion into clarity, procrastination into purpose and fear into faith. The stories and lessons guide you to make wise, life-altering choices by learning to tune-in and decipher the language of “Soul-Speak.” 


  • Align with your Soul's Calling and Purpose

  • Live in flow & trust the law of synchronicity

  • Be mindful and fully present

  • Trust your intuition

  • Keep your best interests at heart

  • Remain true to yourself


Available as a paperback, eBook or audiobook


Amazon Customer reviews

Juliana G. 🇺🇸      

Awaken to the messages in your life!

I have followed Tricia Brennan's work for many years. I am delighted to recommend her latest work - "Signs & Synchronicity" - as another "life's journey" companion that is full of gems! Through beautifully shared and very relatable stories, I found myself experiencing my life anew. Random things I might have shrugged off before are now experienced in a meaningful way. I appreciate the thoughtful way she designed this book - stories chapters followed by practical instructions for elevating aspects of life.

Robert M. Castle 🇺🇸 

Pearls of wisdom sprinkled throughout the pages...

This book is such a little gem. We are constantly being given little signs and symbols and the author gives us the tools and reminders to take the right path when we are met with diversity or roadblocks. There are beautiful pearls of wisdom and guidance sprinkled throughout the chapters. As you journey thru the chapters, your confidence rises and you feel more connected and enlightened. I highly recommend this book to all who seek more guidance and self-confidence.

Lady J  🇺🇸 

Beautifully written and inspiring especially during these tough times...

She did it again! Tricia always manages to touch my soul with her books. This is one of my favourites. The stories touched my heart and some made me cry, this book came at the right time in my life like they always do. Well written and filled with hope and love that I needed a break between each chapter so I could digest the messages.
I recommend this book to anyone at any point in their life as there is something for everyone.

Lisa Kaye 🇺🇸

Fabulous Read: Universe is Speaking to You-Are you Listening!

Tricia is a gifted storyteller as she walks you through life's illustrations recounting both her personal experiences and those of her clients in a relatable and mystical journey. Tricia demonstrates the ways in which the Universe speaks to all of us if we are able and willing to listen to the signs. You won't find messages about bird symbolism but you will find life-speak and how the universe guides your journey through this adventure. Wonderful and easy read!

Tange 🇺🇸

An Inspiring,& heart warming read...

I loved this book because I could relate to the true stories. They were power metaphors that offered me insight into my own circumstances. Beautifully written and easy to understand, I found this book incredibly enlightening. A must-read for anyone who is searching for deeper meaning in life. Thank you for a wonderful book.

Amazon fan 🇺🇸

Life changing...

Another amazing book by Tricia Brennan. This book shows how to listen to the universe’s “little whispers” and align with your soul’s purpose. It teaches to trust the receptive side of our nature and use our intuitive senses. Loved reading it!

Stephen Downey 🇺🇸

 The perfect book on Synchronicity!

I've read a ton of books on coincidence and synchronicity. Tricia has a better understanding of the topic than most so-called experts. The stories in this book are great, but she reviews the lessons and challenges you with questions at the end of each chapter. This helps promote personal growth and allows you to gauge where you're at.

Pia Larsen 🇦🇺

I LOVED this book and couldn't put it down!

This is a beautifully written, heartfelt book that provides inspiration and clarity as to why we go down a certain path. It's a gift that Tricia shares pearls of wisdom and a skills to help us read 'signs' along the way and understand 'synchronistic' meetings and events. The book provided me with many answers to life questions and enables me to trust and have the confidence, to listen to my soul.

J Lang 🇦🇺

Insightful, inspirational, and filled with gems of spiritual wisdom.

An awesome book for those beginning & advanced on their spiritual journey. Each chapter includes an inspirational & beautiful story, with daily practices & questions to ask yourself at the end. A graceful way to discover, expand & focus your awareness on the subtle signs & synchronicities always present in your life.

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