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Navigating Life: Are we Steered by Fate or Free Will?

Like most curious teenagers, I often wondered about my future and whether my dreams and wishes would come true. I questioned whether my life had a purpose and if it was shaped by destiny or free will. The answer became clearer during a long bus ride home from high school when I learned that my friend Julie had committed suicide in the girls' locker room. Her life ended abruptly at 15.

Julie’s death was a jolting reminder of the power of free will and the impact of our choices. Her memory haunted me for weeks, bringing back vivid images of us sharing our hopes and fears from as early as kindergarten. Julie’s sensitive nature was crushed by cruel gossip and rumors that she was pregnant. Her stoic family’s judgment cast a shadow of shame over her free-spirited nature. The relentless criticism and opinions of others left her feeling worthless, leading to her tragic end. Her story underscores the delicate balance between external influences and our inherent power to shape our destinies.

Although there are many things that impact our lives, they do not overshadow one basic rule that governs our world – we all have free will.

We either consciously create our reality by directing our will or subconsciously attract the events that take place in our world based on our underlying beliefs. If we believe otherwise, we are merely forfeiting our personal power and are susceptible to becoming victims of circumstances.

Many astrologers believe we choose our exact time of birth according to the lessons our Soul needs to master to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Our birth or natal chart shows the positions of the stars at the time and location of our birth. Reading the data of our chart can offer insight into our Soul’s intention regarding what we have chosen to learn in this life.

Although our astrology chart can serve as a useful tool to gain insight into our strengths, challenges, and personality traits, what we do with those characteristics is determined by our free will. Our natural talents and strengths are there to be sharpened and honed into skills. They are there to be used as a means to help us overcome the specific challenges and shortcomings that we elected on a Soul level.

While the position of the planets has an effect on our energy, every choice and decision we make steers the course of our destiny. Each of those choices is based on the way we perceive our life and the value we place on our intrinsic worth. Every choice and decision we make is based on how we see ourselves and who we believe we are, which influences which future we align with. The one key thing to monitor is our feelings of not deserving or not being good enough.

Good fortune is our fate – our destiny. Yet, destiny goes hand in hand with the fact that we create our own reality.

Those invisible forces of fate and destiny can be directed; not controlled, but directed. Our fate is determined by the fundamental choices we make. Our fortune emerges out of our distinctive skills and talents, which are the gifts we were born with. They enable us to form our Divine Destiny, which is always positive. Negativity is a product of the conscious mind and not higher consciousness.

So, what does all of this mean for our daily lives? It means that we are faced with choices every day, and while some circumstances may be beyond our control, we still have the freedom to chart our own course by taking responsibility for our choices. They can change the course of our lives, regardless of our fate or destiny. We have the autonomy and freedom to exercise our own will. It is up to us to make conscious choices, to navigate the complexities of life, and to create our own story.

When we set aside our insecurities and inhibitions, we can break free from the small story of our past and embrace the bigger picture of who we are and what is possible, ultimately living the life we were born to live.

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