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Insights into the Current Global Crisis
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In the midst of the current global crisis, no matter how difficult life may seem, it's vital we hold a united vision of healing ourselves and our planet.

Although being in isolation can be a challenge, during periods of solitude, things often become clearer and we have an opportunity to reassess what’s important and connect more deeply with our soul. We are collectively in a time of forced reflection. It’s essential we trust we have what it takes to emerge from this experience aligned with love and harmony. 

With closing boarders and social distancing, separation is currently highlighted in our world. It is a dramatic outplay of life-speak beckoning us to heal our planet and move towards unity and oneness.  


That’s why it’s imperative we move beyond fear and uncertainty, to recognize we are in the process of growing and changing. Our liberation lies in our power to choose – and that exists in every moment. 

The Universe always provides us with everything we need to discover our full potential. Signs and messages are all around us to help us discern the best direction to take. The challenge is remembering to stop, look and listen to interpret the language of life-speak.

Holding a Vision of Hope



As a visionary and intuitive, I’m committed to supporting everyone spiritually during this turbulent period of uncertainty. If you're in need of further guidance and inspiration, I invite you to join my Talking Truth Facebook Group for further insights and meditation.


My hope is that for all of us, 2020 is a year of healing and transformation. It’s important we forge a deeper sense of connectedness to support one another in giving rise to a new world.

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